Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pooches and Puppies!

This post is dedicated to my puppies! They are crazier than ever but at the end of the day and a couple times throughout it I love them more than anything. Working at the Humane Society I spend A LOT of times with puppies, dogs, kittens and cats but each day when I come home I still think mine are the cutest and the best. So here are my puppies:
{Mika - who also have 27 nick names is a one year old Miki (google it) she is crazier than ever. We got her in January from the humane society, she is always hyper but always loves to snuggle}
{This is Zoey  - she is a 1 year PomChi, she too is crazy and has an adorable underbite, her adoption with us was finalized yesterday! She is officially a part of our family. She is super cute and loves to carry anything in her mouth that she can fit!}
{Mika is such an angel and very photogenic}
{Zoey never fails to make us smile and she wears her underbite with pride}

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