Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Look

So today I decided to give my blog a new look, at first I was just trying out the whole blogging thing and now that I am completely in love with the idea of it I decided to take some time and make it more me. I am still fighting with the background I can't seem to find the perfect one so bare with me. The layout out however I finally love, it is pretty and simple and I think it is more me! Hope you all like the new look! Keep reading, thanks for the support! XOXO!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last night I dragged my boyfriend to the mall with me to do some last min shopping before we leave, despite driving through a pot hole and having to put my spare tire on :( it was a successful trip, I had no idea what I wanted to get other than new sandals, I browsed in a few stores, got some sandals and sunglasses and then found myself in heaven in the PINK section at Victoria's Secret, I love everything the PINK line has to offer, their sweatpants, yoga pants, college apparel, undies, bras you name it I love it. Yesterday I came across the lovely deal of 2 for $26 and most of the selections were neon which is a personal favorite of mine. I just love how bright the colors are, they just scream summer. I was so overwhelmed that I only left with 2 things but I might sneak back for more before we go.

{I got the pink one up front, I love these racerback tanks and they are a little flowy so super comfy!}

{Also this yellow "half" shirt, I am still trying out this style but I love it}

Side Tracked

While I sit here and attempt to study for my mid-terms, I as always find myself thinking of so many more exciting things, like what should I pack for spring break or what should I eat for dinner tonight or better yet what could I blog about right now. This happens to me every time I study, as I am sure it does to many other people. So I decided I would share with you all some of my distractions as well as things keeping me entertained while I study.

{Valentine's Day roses a few days after being hung upside down}

{Fun colored pens that make notes taking seem worth it}

{The most yummy pop out there} 

{Me reminding myself that soon I can stare at palm trees instead of these trees}

Monday, February 27, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin!

Spring Break is literally just around the corner, a week from today I will be in Miami about to board the Imagination Carnival cruise ship to sail away for 5 days! I can't wait to have a break from school, work and this snow we have here in MI. With spring break on my mind it is so hard to concentrate on school and these mid-terms that I am facing this week. All I can think about is being on the beach, laying by the pool and best of all wearing bright colors! I love spring time the most because I love to wear bright pink and yellow. Also I have a strong love for anything neon which seems to be what this summers trend is. Well more blogs to come later, I'm just taking a study break right now! Enjoy and keep reading! CLW

Thursday, February 23, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

These are 5 things currently making me smile! Tonight is all about relaxing, I cleaned and did some organizing in hopes of being able to think about packing for Spring Break soon! Only 11 more days!

{My boyfriend's amazing camera, that I love to play with and take all these great pics}

{ Denard! This boy always makes me happy and puts a smile on my face no matter what!}

{My sunglasses collection - these are only a few of many I need to choose from, can't take them all}

{Came across some of my favorite little wallets like this one from Juicy Couture}

{This one from Dooney and Bourke}

{And this one of many that I have from Coach}

{ My new summer dresses I bought today}
Cheers! CLW

Pretty Things

So today I finally get a little break from studying, I went to the library last night and got a bunch of assignments done so I can take tonight off. There is a huge snow storm on its way in so I decided to stay in snuggle up and show you a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I love big cocktail rings, they are my favorite accessory, I get almost all the ones I have from Forever 21 they have so many to choose from. I also love rings that you wear on more than one finger. It took some getting used to but now they are a favorite of mine. Like most girls I also love long necklaces with big pendants on them. I have so many but I put my favorite one on here to show you all. Lastly I love big charm bracelets, my favorite ones are from Juicy Couture, like the one pictured below. Enjoy!

 {These are a few of my favorite ones for fall and winter}

{These are a few of my favorite ones for summer - 2 of these I just got today}

{I love wearing rings that are for more than one finger}

{One of my favorite things in the world are crowns so I love this necklace}

{Along with crowns I love bows as well and anything from Juicy Couture}

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I started taking a Yoga class this semester, and I can't say enough great things about! For someone like me who has horrible back problems it really is a great medicine. At first I was reluctant to thinking that it could really help my back, looking a pictures of people doing yoga I could only think that it would make my problems worse. Much to my surprise it does the exact opposite, it stretches and opens up muscles I never knew I even had, or that I could ever control for that matter. The class I have is just a beginners class, we do simple stretching, basic poses and relaxation exercises. I am still trying to master the art of breathing while doing everything else in yoga, but you have to start somewhere. The thing I love about my instructor is she always reminds us that she has practiced yoga for 15 years and there are still things she can't do. Yoga is a practice that there is always more to learn. It makes my back feel normal after just one hour, and on top of that no matter how stressed or crazy my life is at any given moment it allows for me to clear my mind of everything for 50 mins. and just listen to my body. I can see myself furthering my own practice in yoga in years to come. There are so many types to explore and I am anxious to find my favorite and try new ones!! XOXO!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Roses are red...

I absolutely love love love getting flowers! I just think they are so pretty and fresh and make me smile whenever I look at them. My favorite part though is when they are towards the end of their standing straight up stage and start to fall over, it is the perfect time to hang them upside down, let the moisture run out and keep them forever. There is just something pretty about them when you turn them back over and put them in a vase as if there are as good as new. My Valentine's Day flowers are getting this treatment today! Xoxo!

{So Pretty}


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was great! It was full of family, friends and relaxation. Friday my boyfriend and I went to my parent’s house to visit them and see our new puppy! There are so many reasons I love going home, I love the happiness my parents get out of having any of their children home. I love when my mommy cooks me dinner, even if I make the same thing there is always something better about when my mom makes things for me. I love going home and doing my laundry and having my mom handle it all, sorting, washing and folding. :) She is just great! We all went to dinner that night to one of my favorite little Mexican restaurants, Cancun. We chatted over dinner about so many memories of my childhood mostly about Disney World. I love thinking back to what a great childhood I had and what fun things we did as a family. After dinner we went back to my parent’s house and dug out my old play station 1. I had no idea that it was going to still work perfectly. It was crazy to see the differences in playing that and today playing our Wii. Technology really is changing day by day. We then finished off the day relaxing and watching TV.

Saturday my boyfriend and I went to visit my roommates from college, It is always so fun catching up and having girl time and girl talk. I miss living in the dorms and all sharing one room and having a year long sleep over. Meghan and Kim are girls that will be in my life forever, they are the kind of friends that even if our crazy lives keep us from talking for weeks at a time, it takes no time to get caught right back up with each other.

Today on the way back from seeing my friends we stopped at my parent’s house again, grabbed our new puppy and took her to a puppy play date with my life long best friend Brianna. She has a small fluffy dog just like ours, they puppies loved it they ran around like crazy for hours while I got to catch up with another best friend of mine.

{ Mika - Our New Pup }

Weekends like this make me so happy; I love having time for friends and really getting to see how everyone is doing. Life gets so crazy at times so it is great to spend time with the people who I love. Xoxo!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old Hobby - Revisited

Last summer I was really into making bracelets, it's a super relaxing hobby and I loved coming up with patterns and using fun colors. The other day I took a trip to Hobby Lobby to get some new supplies, after seeing an adorable bracelet on Pinterest with an Anchor on it that I wanted to duplicate. So today when I went home to visit my parents and my sister, I dug under my bed, found my box of beads and other supplies and got to work. 

{I made 2 matching bracelets, one for me and one for my sister}

I love the blue/green beads with the clear crystal beads between and then of course the Anchor charm! It is perfect for summer. Now that this hobby has been brought back there's no stopping. I have way more beads left than I thought I did so I can't wait to get to work on more. I'll share them  with you as they come about. Xoxo!


Delicious Sea Food

For Valentine's Day my boyfriend and I ate at Mitchell's Fish Market, this place is by far one of my favorites. Everything on their menu is delicious and the service there is always amazing. 

It is a bit pricey but after all most seafood places are. This time I got the Sam Adam's beer battered shrimp, which also came with "hush puppies". I had never had them before but they didn't seem like something I would like yet my meal as always was delightful! The mood of the restaurant is also what I love so much, it has dim lighting and big comfortable booths so it is romantic and you don't feel like you are dinning with everyone around you.

{ Matt's Meal...Poor lobster - too bad you are so yummy}

Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty Face

I don't know about any of you but I often times get really dry skin, mostly on my face, gross I know. Sometimes it is just in the winter but I often get it in the summer from the sun, or if I get to much sun, but now I found the perfect product to soak up all the dry skin no matter what season it is....

This is Pure Argan Oil by Josie Maran you can get it from her website for $48 for 1.7 fl oz.  The bottle will last awhile so I don't mind spending the extra for a great product.

I originally got a gift set from my sister for Christmas that has the Oil, The Argan Cleansing Oil, The Argan Bear Naked Wipes (make-up removers) and The Oil Moisturizing Stick.  I still have everything in it, use it and love it.

Mostly I love the Pure Oil, it is made in Morocco and is completely Organic! It's also great because it isn't just for your face, I use it on my cuticles and the ends of my hair as well.

Josie has so many great products, if there is a Sephora near you they carry all of her products as well. Xoxo!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

5 Things That Currently Make Me Smile

Pretty Little Liars - Which is on ABC Family is my favorite show at the moment. I am usually one to stick to reality TV shows but after watching one episode of this I was hooked!

My new bathing suit I got from Target. I debated for days on where I wanted to get a bathing suit from and then when I was browsing around at target I saw this and couldn't leave without it. The actual suit is much brighter than the picture seems. 

This is a double - 1. I discovered this new site Polyvore where you can create outfits of any kind. 2. This outfit reminds me of summer and that it is just around the corner!!

Pinterest! You can spend hours on this site, girls and guys both it has everything you can imagine to find online all in one place.

The fact that the countdown to Spring Break is soon, which is when I will set sail to Mexico on the Carnival Imagination Ship!! 23 Days!


Valentine's Day

Okay so I know that Valentine's Day is right around the corner and so many people have different opinions about it. Most people think that it is just another Hallmark holiday (which it sort of is) but then there are people like me who LOVE this day. I don't just love it for an excuse to get pretty things from my boyfriend, I love it because it is a day to celebrate something we all feel everyday! Everyone loves someone weather it's your mom, your dad or even your doggy. I look at it as a day to celebrate what we already do, it's a day to take a moment and tell the people you love that you love them. Every person loves to hear those three little words "I Love You". So if you are single, married, dating or divorced just take the day for what it is and tell someone you love them. After all "Love is the greatest of all things"  Xoxo!


Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I am super excited to start one and really stay on top of posting. I plan to post random thoughts, great stories, outfits, lovely things to check out online and so much more! Feel free to comment and let me know what you love and what you want to see. Xoxo! CLW